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Empowering educators to enhance learning experiences for students.

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About Us

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing skilled teachers in accordance with the NEP 2020 guidelines.

Our trainers provide specialized training offline and online and foster a supportive community.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to Quality courses
  • Our courses are carefully curated by experts in the field of education, and cover a wide range of topics to help teachers enhance their skills and knowledge.

  • Convenient and Flexible learning
  • With, teachers can learn at their own pace and convenience. Our soon to be launched Learning Management System (LMS) enables access to courses anytime, anywhere.

  • Affordable and Need based
  • As a not for profit organisation, aims to provide affordable and solution driven professional development opportunities to teachers across India.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values shape our Teacher Training philosophy, with each value serving as a foundation for the next:

  • Empathy (to comprehend the challenges teachers face)

  • Growth (to foster their professional growth)

  • Transformation (to cultivate outstanding educators)

    With the goal of REDISCOVERING THE JOY OF TEACHING, we strive to make education engaging and fulfilling, offering support to educators in overcoming obstacles and igniting inspiration in the minds of future generations. Come, be a part of this educational adventure with us!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand your queries and we'd love to answer them for you.

    Assuming the teacher starts from the very beginning which is Pre-boot camp. Ideally it will take around 5 months to complete the training. However, it can vary depending on how fast the teacher wants to go or which topic the teacher wants to work exclusively on.

    Upon successful subscription, you will book your slots with us. It is worth noting that as our programs are after-school hours in nature, slots are by default available from 5 PM onward on weekdays and full day on weekends. However, the schedule can always be discussed with the trainer and it is subject to agreement between the two parties.

    Our trainers come from diverse backgrounds, but they are shortlisted, trained & supervised internally by Ttrainer. Rest assured, quality control is a big thing for us!

    We recommend everyone to start with the Pre-bootcamp as that will set the context first and also give trainers an insight into the needs analysis part. That will determine whether the teacher is good to start at camp 2 or 3.

    Unfortunately, that is not possible as each has been designed to be a follow-up to the other.

    Yes, you may but as we have a spiral curriculum that interconnects all the modules with one another it will be best to go in order.

    Your subscription includes a live session per day (in evening) with worksheets, summary, links to quizzes and /or other activities. No hidden or extra costs! And there will be life-time support guaranteed. We also give personal twice a week session (during the day).

    The materials will be given by the trainers.

    While our sessions are designed to be sufficient, the worksheets are designed to reinforce through repetition & revision, sometimes used during sessions.

    Popular Programs

    Teacher Training Program





    • A fundamental program for teachers.
    • Freshers or in-service teachers no prior teaching experience required.
    • Prioritise your learning with customised learning support
    • A total 12 sessions to cater teaching needs
    • Deliver effective & personalised learning experiences
    • Practical knowledge on Pedagogy, classroom management, technology integration.
    • Design your curriculum for different levels and subjects.
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    Master Trainer Program





    • Advanced program for trained teachers
    • Redefine your purpose with real-time tasks & assignments.
    • Mark your progress using the assessment parameters.
    • A total 12 sessions to build a cadre of Master trainers.
    • Guide & train more teachers in your school.
    • Monitor teacher development with regular check-ins.
    • Ensure sustainability of your teaching expertise
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    School Audits





    • A school checkup to foster holistic outcomes.
    • Get expert view on teaching quality and student performance.
    • Acquire data on student's Foundational Literacy and Numeracy
    • A total 2 audits a year to deliver customised training programs
    • Includes Teacher observation & notebook inspection.
    • Fun assessment for students to identify learning areas.
    • Effectively designed action plan.
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